Natalie Peeples
is a designer based in Chicago, IL

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Nonstop Realizations, a 2020 zine made with Alison Byrnes & 20 contributors from around Chicago.
Essays, recipes, comics, photography, poetry and more.

Spot illustrations to accompany written pieces

Postcards & Stationery
Personalized stationery, postcards, wrapping paper, BBQ notecards: you name it, I’ll mail it.

Just Enough Bama Calendars
5 Years of very niche Alabama content 

2016 – one-a-day tear off calendar full of fun facts, bingo cards, on this day in history moments, recipes, horoscopes, countdowns, custom license plate ideas and anything else that would fill up 365 days in full color.

2017 – monthly, saddle stitched calendar that’s illustrated with collages covering back to school, holidays and more.

2018 – monthly coil-bound calendar full of (original, Nick Saban-adjacent) inspirational quotes.

2019 – another monthly coil-bound calendar this time “on TV” themed. Reality TV from T-town.

2020 – one last one-a-day calendar to use the rest of my binding glue.
The name Just Enough Bama was inspired by the 1954 Alabama football player Tommy Lewis who came off the sidelines to tackle a player from the opposing team and was later quoted as saying he was “Too Full of Alabama.”

More recently, Harvey Updyke called into the Paul Finebaum radio show, claimed to have poisoned Alabama rival Auburn’s trees and also said he did it because he had “too much Bama in [him]”

This calendar was inspired by those who have just enough Bama but not enough to commit any bama-related crimes.






Editorial Illustration
Photo illustration, gifs
︎Will It Sausage
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